It's Time to Seek the Lord

Sow for yourselves righteousness;
Reap in mercy;
Break up your fallow ground,
For it is time to seek the Lord,
Till He comes and rains righteousness on you. - Hosea 10:12

Do you, like many dedicated believers, presume that if God makes a promise, His power alone makes it happen? God’s promise and God’s power don’t "just come about." The Lord has ordained one other factor in order to process His promise on this earth--prayer. The promise is His Word, the power is His Holy Spirit, and He is the One who gives the Word and provides the power, but the avenue that welcomes its entry is prayer.

It is the prayer of people that invites God’s promise and power to work. That is why Jesus taught us to pray the way He did in Matthew 6:9-13. In that is a principle that is woven throughout Scripture: that God’s rule and kingdom does not enter this planet except where it is welcome. Not because His kingdom isn’t strong enough of His own volition, but because He has decreed that He will only enter where there is a welcome. Prayer is that welcome. Prayer in the name of Jesus introduces the power of God into the earth’s realm.

It’s time to seek the Lord. The Hebrew word for "seek" used here is the word for the dawn of the sun rising.

  • It’s time to get up — Be awake

  • It’s time to get about it — Be alert

  • It’s time for a new day — Be aglow with the promise of a new day

Hosea answered the call of God in a ministry to a declining nation, a nation that had dissipated its spiritual energy so that everything else about its life was coming unglued.

Hosea was preaching to a society in spiritual neglect, that had lost its sense of God’s justice and its sense of the value of life.

We live in times very much like Hosea’s. In many ways, we too are a nation that’s lost its perspective on justice and its value for life, and into that environment, it is time to seek the Lord.

Hosea’s call to us is personal as well as national. "Break up your fallow ground…" He uses a dramatic image in that of the unplowed field, the fallow ground. That doesn’t mean nothing can grow there. Something will grow, and when God gives a promise, something will happen. But it doesn’t begin to approach what happens when there is the cultivating the soil of the soul; when there is the preparation and the waiting over that with the tears in prayer, saying, "Lord, we want to see the maximum harvest." God leaves that to us–Here’s My promise, My power. Now, how will you embrace it?

The way that fallow ground is broken up has to do with the openness of our heart, letting the sword of truth become a plow that opens up territory where we have simply been inclined to say, "I love the promises of God." You receive the promise spread like seed over your soul and something will happen But God is calling us to see is that if you want maximum harvest, there needs to come the breaking up of your soul in prayer, and the watering of that seed by the tears of intercession. Then, watch there come the full fruit that God wants to bring about!

It’s time to seek the Lord, not "stuff" from God. God doesn’t tell us to pray because He draws energy from our concentration; God doesn’t call us to pray because we have to wrestle things out of His tightly clenched fist, or because He’s reluctant. He calls us to pray because
  • He’s looking for people who have a passion for His purposes;
  • He is working in partnership with those He has redeemed.

God’s enterprise only advances where people pray. The power is His; the privilege is ours to pray and invite that power. Prayer is the incubator that hosts the promises of God till they come into full fruition and development. It is not that our energy brings it about, but our attitude, our openness, our readiness of response, and our availability to being transformed.

How many of you want the fullest harvest possible?

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Unless otherwise noted, all scripture verses are from The Holy Bible, New King James Version,
(Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson, Inc.) 1982.

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